Welcome to PFU - Poop Fairy University!

By the Twin Ports Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT)

Here to learn a poop-ton more?

Professor Poop Fairy holding a poop bag with arms out and smiling. His wings are green, and he is wearing a brown coat over a white tank top with a crossed out poop symbol, all tied together with a blue poop emoji tie.

Welcome to PFU! Meet your professor, Professor Poop Fairy.

Here at PFU, you'll learn a poop-ton more about stormwater, and how easy it is to protect our water from a variety of pollution at home and in our communities. 

From how you rake your leaves and salt your sidewalk, to making sure you don't have an overflowing trash can - and, of course, picking up your pet's doo-doo - there are tons you can do to help keep our lakes and streams clean for generations to come.

Let's dive in!

Not only will you learn tips and tricks to reduce stormwater pollution, they will save you time and money too! Whether you're a homeowner, student, or just want to learn how you can protect your favorite lakes, streams, and fishing holes, PFU is open to all.

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PFU - Lessons PFU - VideosPoop Fairy dressed in his iconic outfit consisting of green fairy wings, a belt armed with poop bags, a white tank top with a poop symbol crossed out in red, a wand, socks and sandals, with a green skirt.

Where it all began...

The Poop Fairy's first debut
Learn the importance of cleaning up after your pet in this fun PSA!

If you haven't already, or just want to see the (No) Poop Fairy doing what he does best, check out the PSA that started it all.

This video was voted 2020 best PSA/commercial in the Northland by The Reader.