The Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) of the greater Duluth-Superior area needs your help generating new, fun ideas about how we can all be the best stormwater protectors we can be!

The premise is simple; one idea = one raffle ticket.

Send us your best idea, action, or public education topic the RSPT could tackle that would help protect our creeks, lakes, and wetlands from stormwater pollution and you’ll receive one Idea Generation Raffle Ticket. If you are all out of ideas, which does happen sometimes, you can also do a little research by reading one of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPP) documents for one of RSPT’s partner communities and comment on their plans. Is something missing from their MS4 approach? What requirements would you like to see your community approach differently?

Send those ideas and thoughts to the RSPT team at the e-mail or phone number below and, boom, you’re entered in the raffle for a trio of FABULOUS prizes.


FABULOUS PRIZE #1: NO SLIP BOOTS from our dear friends at Tortoise and the Hare shoe store (up to $200 value). No slipping and sliding for the big winner this winter!
FABULOUS PRIZE #2: $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to local native plant seller. Bam, you are ready to start mowing less and lounging more with some new native plants in your yard!
FABULOUS PRIZE #3: $50 VISA GIFT CARD useable anywhere credit cards are accepted. Zowie, it’s basically money in small plastic form!


Ready to “come on down,” or “phone a friend” or “buy a vowel?”

Submit your suggestions, ideas, and/or SWPP comments via e-mail at or contact Carol at 218-625-3862 by 11 p.m. on December 13, 2022. Winners will be drawn at the December 14 RSPT meeting, with notification set for the following day.

Looking for a little inspiration? Below is a picture of a street sweeper. But that’s no ordinary street sweeper, that’s a local street sweeper decked out in a huge, awesome decal that started out as an idea from a real person who thought that those street sweepers could provide a little education while they are also sweeping those streets. That could be you!


1.      Suggestions that are offensive or frivolous (e.g., “let a T-Rex eat all the people”) may be chuckled at but will be ineligible for the raffle drawing.
2.      Participants receive one raffle entry PER IDEA and PER SWPP document reviewed with a maximum of 10 raffle entries per person.
3.      Contest open to residents of St. Louis and Carlton Counties in Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin.
4.      Minimum age limit to participate is 5 years old.  
5.      RSPT Chair reserves the right to establish additional contest rules as necessary to ensure a fair and open process in
keeping with the contest intent.
6.      Contest is open to RSPT family members and friends but not to RSPT members.
7.      Participants who qualify for multiple raffle tickets may win more than one prize.

Most importantly, the purpose of this contest is to gather public input. RSPT may or may not produce any, all, or none of the ideas submitted. By submitting an idea, you are giving your full permissions to implement your idea if RSPT chooses.


MS4 = Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. MS4 communities are cities, townships, large colleges, and road authorities in urban areas that are permitted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to collect runoff from roads, parking lots, and other non-natural surfaces that discharge stormwater directly to wetlands, creeks, and lakes.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) documents can be found at these locations or by contacting the person listed below.
Duluth - MS4 Overview // Contact: Ryan Granlund 218-730-4088 or      
Cloquet - Cloquet SWPPP // City of Cloquet Stormwater Website  // Contact: John Anderson, 218-879-6758 or
Hermantown - City of Hermantown Stormwater Webpage // Contact: Eric Johnson, 218-729-3600 or
St. Louis County - Water Quality Webpage // Contact: Carol Andrews, 218-625-3862 or   
Lake Superior College - Managing Stormwater //Contact: Tammy Wilman, 218-733-6906 or
MnDOT - Stormwater Webpage // Contact: Tara Carson, 651-366-3638 or
University of Minnesota-Duluth  - UMD SWPPP // Contact: Jonna Korpi, 218.726.6245 or
Hibbing - Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Discharge Permit // For more information call: (218) 362-5944