A Can with a Plan

A Can with a Plan

The last thing you want to do is become an unintentional litterer.

Garbage & Litter

While we all know that it’s important to pick up after ourselves and not to litter, you may not think of garbage cans as the culprits polluting our water.  

The (No) Poop Fairy demonstrating the importance of proper trash and recycling disposal.

💧Littered Lakes & Stopped up Streams

Have you ever been to your local lake or stream looking to enjoy the beauty of nature, just to find more litter than wildlife? Maybe you’ve found a tire, a couch, or some other bizarrely placed appliance along ravines or streams? While some of this is illegal dumping, most litter reduction can start and end on your own street with proper trash can maintenance. 

Every time it rains or snows, our streets and sidewalks behave like streams, carrying anything in its path to local lakes and rivers via storm drains and ditches - including spilled garbage and litter.

Garbage and illegally dumped items in our water can be harmful to both humans and nature. These items can clog streams and storm drains, which could cause flooding. In addition to causing floods, littered items can kill wildlife and alter habitat and ecosystems. Over time, they can even break down into tiny but toxic microplastics.

💧Have a Plan for your Trash Can

One of the best ways to prevent litter from entering our lakes and streams is proper trashcan maintenance. By ensuring that the lids of your trash and recycling bins are shut and not overflowing with trash, you can help keep litter from polluting our water. In addition to shutting lids, the best way to keep your trash from spilling would be to secure your bins from tipping over in the wind. Adding weights, bungee cords, attaching to a post, or DIY-ing a sturdy enclosure will keep trash from spilling into our water sources. 

For larger items like tires, appliances and furniture, please bring them to WLSSD, the Superior Landfill, or call your local waste haulers for proper disposal. It is our responsibility to properly dispose of our trash and unwanted items. Your local lakes and streams will thank you!