Treat Yourself to a Car Wash

Treat yourself to a car wash

You deserve it. Your car deserves it. But the watershed doesn't deserve to be polluted in the process.

Relax, kick back, and let the technology take care of this for you.

Would you wash your car in Lake Superior?

There are steps we can take to protect our water from pollution all year round. Now, let us begin our lesson at PFU. 

💧Did you know that washing your car in the street pollutes local lakes & streams?

While it may seem like a great idea to wash your car at home in the driveway or street, it can harm wildlife and pollute your favorite fishing spot. Without the chance to be absorbed by the ground, the soapy water runs down the curb and heads straight for the nearest lake, river, or stream. 

Storm drains and ditches are intended to collect excess rainwater after storms, but will move any water on the surface to the local stream. This includes polluted wash water from dirty cars. 

💧How does washing my car at home impact water quality & the environment?

The dirt, soap, oil, grease, and other harmful chemicals washed from our cars can be toxic to fish and wildlife that live in and around our waterways. Have you ever tasted soapy water? Ick!

💧How can I help prevent this pollution problem?

To protect our water and wildlife from pollution, please wash your car over grassy or gravel surfaces. This way, the polluted wash water is absorbed by the soil rather than entering the local stream. An even better option would be to wash your car at a car wash where they treat and recycle the polluted water runoff. 

Pro Tip: If taking your car to a car wash isn't an option, or you’d like to wash your car at home without harming the environment, biodegradable car washing liquid is the way to go! 

Thank you for helping us protect our shared water from pollution.